Here we answer the most common questions people ask before booking a track day. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

How much is membership?

Membership to Circuit Days is completely free. You only pay when you want to book an event.

Will my car need modifying for circuit use?

No. If the car has an MOT or can pass MSA scrutineering it is suitable.

Will I wear out my car?

No. Brake pads and tyres tend to wear at a faster rate than normal, depending on the driver. However, as most modern cars are now developed on race circuits, wear rates are surprisingly low.

What will I need to bring?

Your car, a helmet and a valid road driving licence. That's about it.

Will I slow other cars down, or will they slow me down?

No and no. Circuit Days track days are non-competitive events that enforce overtaking by consent only regulations. Therefore it does not matter how fast or slow you or your car are - everybody has to overtake on the straights, and with both drivers' consent.

Will I be insured?

Track day insurance is available for a reasonable fee. As the risk of damage on track days is relatively low, most participants, including ourselves, choose not to take out track day insurance.

If you are not entirely comfortable, however, and would like more peace of mind, then don't worry. Several insurance companies offer dedicated track day policies at reasonable rates. Please contact us with your requirements.

Will I get plenty of track time?

Yes. Limited numbers both in attendance and out on track at any one time ensures maximum, quality track time.

Is tuition available?

Yes, tuition is available at all Circuit Days events. A 20 minute session costs £50, a 1 hour session is £100, a half day is £250 and a full day is £500. Tuition must be pre-booked as availability is limited.

Are additional drivers allowed?

Yes, additional drivers are welcome and can be pre-booked or booked in on the day. Note there will be a maximum of 4 drivers in total per car permitted unless otherwise arranged prior to the event.

Are passengers allowed?

Yes, passengers are welcome and can be pre-booked or booked in on the day.

Will there be a photographer present on the day?

Yes, we will have photographers present to take photos of you whilst out on circuit. These are provided free of charge, and emailed to you on the day.

Will I be good enough?

Yes is the simple answer. It's not a competition. Everybody is free to enjoy the day. Last year we had a 100 year old man participate and achieve 100mph down the Hangar Straight at Silverstone. With an instructor present. He was a brave man (the instructor).

Am I able to participate in a Road Tour?

As long as you hold a full road driving licence, yes. Since 2005 we have had thousands of people participate, ranging from a group of 18-21 year olds who had almost no continental driving experience, to a couple in their late 80s that had been driving abroad since they were in their teens. Everybody is welcome. Note for the fly away events where car rental is necessary, all drivers will have to be at least 25 years old to obtain the vehicles listed for each event. Depending on the rental location, a supplement may be payable to get the listed vehicle, or you may have to drive an alternative vehicle. Contact us for more information.

Will my car be suitable for a Road Tour?

For fly away Tours, your car will be provided. There will always be the latest specification, lowest mileage example of vehicle available at the rental location. For European events, we have had cars such as a Citroen C1, a Grinnal Scorpion, a Rolls Royce Phantom and a Porsche Carrera GT participate - as well as everything else in between. All cars are welcome.

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