Track Day Terms and Conditions

Participants attend Circuit Days events at their own risk and any liability for individuals and/or their cars rests with them.

Each event will start with a welcoming and signing on session followed by a drivers' briefing, both of which are mandatory.

Pit Lane Notes

  • If you are using a garage, please ensure you adhere to all the terms and conditions displayed therein
  • The fire lane at the rear of the garages must be kept clear at all times
  • Please note the pit lane is strictly one way, as is the track. All traffic must travel in a clockwise direction. The pit lane speed limit is 30mph max
  • The pit lane must be kept clear between the yellow line and the pit wall to allow emergency vehicle access
  • People taking part in the current session are allowed in the pit lane
  • It is forbidden to sit on the pit wall
  • It is forbidden to re-fuel in the pit lane
  • It is forbidden to store fuel in the garages or in the pit lane
  • It is forbidden to smoke in pit lane or garages
  • Children under 16 are not allowed on the circuit, in the pit lane or in the garages

Venue Notes

  • The speed limit at the venue is 20mph
  • Anyone reported driving recklessly or dangerously will be escorted from the venue
  • No paddock bikes or other forms of unlicensed motorised transport are to be used on the venue at any time
  • It is the driver's responsibility to make sure his/her car adheres to the venue noise level

Track Notes

  • On entering the circuit please keep to the right hand side and do not move over until the circuit behind you is clear
  • Use the first few laps to warm up your tyres and familiarise yourself with the circuit layout, grip levels, marshal posts, etc
  • Consider other drivers - leave plenty of space when you overtake other cars
  • Use your mirrors regularly and if you see faster traffic behind you, move over to the right and let the other vehicle(s) pass on the left
  • TYRE NOISE AND DRIVING STANDARDS: Any driver generating excessive, unnecessary or constant tyre squeal, or deemed to be driving recklessly, or in a manner considered to endanger themselves or other track users will be black flagged, removed from the track and given a warning that such driving is inappropriate. If the driver continues to give cause for concern a second black flag will be given to once again remove that driver from the circuit and he/she will be denied further access to the track for the rest of the day. Deliberate and excessive power slides will be dealt with in exactly the same way
  • In case of an incident, leave your vehicle and move to a safe position behind the barriers. If you see an incident – do not stop – the circuit staff will deal with it
  • Anyone who ignores red flags or the direction of marshals will be asked to leave the venue – the marshals are there for YOUR SAFETY
  • Any participant involved in an incident on circuit must report to a Circuit Days Team member before going back out onto the circuit
  • Any vehicle involved in an incident will have to be checked by a Circuit Days Team member before going back out onto the circuit
  • No hand held video cameras are allowed in vehicles. Camcorders are to be securely fastened and checked by a Circuit Days Team member before going out onto the circuit
  • No timing or data logging equipment is allowed. Anyone caught timing will be exluded from the event with no refunds issued
  • No single seater 'formula' type race cars allowed on circuit at any time
  • Any car fitted with slick tyres must be fitted with adequate roll over protection


  • Circuit Days events are for 4 wheeled cars only. 3 wheeled cars are not permitted
  • All crash helmets worn by drivers and passengers must comply with current MSA/FIA/ACU/FIM standards
  • Helmets must be worn and securely fastened at all times while in the pit lane or out on the circuit
  • Seat belts or harnesses must be worn at all times at the venue. If your car does not have seat belts it will not be permitted to participate
  • Arms and legs must be covered whilst on circuit
  • If you have any problems with any other drivers on the day, please report to the Circuit Days Team or the Control Tower Supervisor
  • Note for events at Spa-Francorchamps all cars have to be equipped with a fire extinguisher 


  • The medical car has a paramedic on board and will join the circuit via the pit lane. Please be aware that the medical car has the right of way on the circuit and will overtake on the left so please move over to the right

Booking and Cancellation Policy

  • A place on any event is only guaranteed when paid for in full
  • A refund minus a 15% cancellation charge or a full credit is obtainable should a place be cancelled up to 7 days prior to an event. No refund or credit can be issued after this time
  • For events booked using a discount code or during the Christmas special offer period, no refunds or credits can be issued at any time
  • For events booked through a third party, no refunds or credits can be issued at any time
  • We reserve the right to cancel or refuse any bookings without having to disclose the reason
  • We reserve the right to amend or cancel any event or venue. Under such circumstances, no refunds will be issued. We will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible
  • Where an event is shortened, amended or cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, or circumstances beyond our control, no refunds can be issued
  • Where an event is cancelled for any reason, we cannot be held liable for any costs arising from the cancellation of any accommodation or travel arrangements
  • Credits for future events may be issued as a goodwill gesture when an event is cancelled. Events where credits are to be used must be declared no later than 1 month prior to the event otherwise the credit cannot be used for that event
  • We reserve the right to alter the pricing of our events without prior notice
  • A confirmation email will be sent for each booking made. This is your way of knowing that your booking has been accepted 
  • For events run at Spa-Francorchamps and Nurburgring, race teams will not be permitted to participate
  • We no longer accept cheques

Privacy Policy

We do not store your details other than your email address, which we will use only to send you essential Event information and the link to view the Event photos. We do not share your email address with any 3rd parties. If you opt in to our mailing list, we will save your email address securely and only use it to contact you with information about our Events.

Declaration & Indemnity

I wish to drive cars and/or otherwise participate in the above event organised by Circuit Days Ltd.

I understand that motorsport and track day activity is hazardous and I am voluntarily exposing myself to risk of damage, or loss, or personal injury by participating in the track day.

Despite this, I understand that racing is prohibited and that the purpose of the day is to allow the participants to improve their skills and learn the basic handling and braking characteristics of the cars which they are using.

I understand that any insurance carried by Circuit Days Ltd and/or the event location operator in respect of any liability which might arise out of the track day will be limited and that my own motor, third party and public liability insurance (if any) is unlikely to cover me for my losses, liabilities or personal injury. I also waive on behalf of myself and my successors, any claims in relation to the event, including for damages, injury or death sustained on the track and/or its facilities, against the event organisers or any other registered participant on the event. I also recognise that for overseas events any damage caused to the circuit Armco barriers or garage facilities is chargeable. Armco damage rates: £100 per metre of guard rail and £150 per post. There will also be an admin charge of £300 per incident. The report generated by the circuit officials with regards to the amount of damage caused by a particular incident is final and cannot be disputed. Furthermore, any circuit downtime as a result of any accident may be charged to the participant causing the downtime.

I understand the following:

  • Circuit Days Ltd will not be scrutineering participants' cars before permitting them on the circuit, nor has it any control over the level of competence of other participants
  • Circuit Days Ltd is not a training organisation. Experienced track users and ARDS instructors will be in attendance to give guidance, but it is just that - informal hints and tips
  • Circuit Days Ltd, whilst giving guidance on, and where required to, enforcing the rules and safety standards of the event location operator will not otherwise enforce track discipline or safety measures. I myself am responsible for the way in which I use the track
  • That Circuit Days Ltd and/or the event location operator may refuse me access to the track if I or my car infringe any relevant rules or regulations or appear dangerous
  • The payment I have made to Circuit Days Ltd for the day is a track access charge only and is not refundable under any circumstances

I declare:

  • That I am fit and healthy and that my eyesight (with lenses if to be worn) is adequate for track use
  • That any car for which I am responsible and/or which I will use on the track is in good and suitable mechanical condition
  • That I hold a current full licence entitling me to use on the public roads in the UK a car of the size and type that I will be using on the track
  • That I will not participate in the track day whilst under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs
  • I am personally liable for the cost of any damage I cause to the circuit infrastructure

I agree to make no claim against Circuit Days Ltd and/or the event location operator and/or their respective officers or agents in respect of any loss or injury suffered by me during the track day and to indemnify them against their costs and losses arising out of any claim made against them by anyone to the extent that such costs and losses are attributable directly or indirectly to my participation in the track day.

I have read and agree with the above Declaration and Indemnity and agree that its terms will also apply to my participation in any future track day organised by Circuit Days Ltd unless I sign a subsequent Declaration and Indemnity which will then take precedence.

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